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At Polyfem©, we take sexuality very seriously, not as a joke. Most couples cheat each other because they are seeking a passionate fullfilment they don't find inside their relationships. Our Sexual Mastery App is made for mature adults who aim to transform their sexual lifes forever with the most powerful available training on tantric sex, BDSM, Taoist sex, erotic massages, domination, savage foreplay, kissing maestry, dirty talk, sex toys, and much, much more. We believe everyone deserves to receive the most powerful sexual maestry edcucation because, those who doesn't, end up paying it.

Enhance Your Skills

Tantric Sex

Learn the ancient art of tantric sex and unlock new levels of pleasure and connection in your relationships


Discover the world of BDSM and explore your fantasies in a safe and consensual way

Taoist Sex

Master the techniques of Taoist sex and harness your sexual energy for greater vitality and wellbeing

Happy Clients

Polyfem© has completely transformed my sex life. I now have the confidence and skills to pleasure my partner like never before.

The courses offered by Polyfem© have opened up a whole new world of sexual exploration for me and my partner. Highly recommended!

I was skeptical at first, but Polyfem© has exceeded all my expectations. The knowledge and techniques I've gained have truly enhanced my sexual experiences.

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woman in white dress lying on white bed
woman in white dress lying on white bed